Teachers Day in Singapore | Hampers, Flowers & More

Teachers can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges – said the famous American Writer Joyce Meyer. We may knock and enter many doors in our careers and various walks of lives but the one that opens the door and one that teaches us to reach up to that door is certainly a teacher. A teacher is not necessarily a teacher at school. Our parents, the mother and father are our first teachers and we may be mentored by many dear ones. It’s time to thank them and send some hampers to make it memorable.

Typically, teachers day in Singapore is celebrated on the the last Friday of Term 3 before the one-week September school holiday, which is on 1 September in 2023. However, due to that day being an election day, the MOE and SEAB declared a school holiday for teachers day in Singapore on 11-Sep-2023. But alas! you can send your teacher a Teachers Day Flower Bouquet or a hamper and thank your teacher on any day!

Check out the exclusive Teachers Day Hampers in Singapore and order your favorite one today. You may also schedule the delivery on a day of your choice.

Orchid Hand Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

If you are reading this page, it necessarily means that you are an Orchid Lover like billions of people out there who order Orchid Hand Bouquets every day. You may feel exaggerated if we told you that in Singapore alone, thousands of hand bouquets with Orchid Flowers are made every day and alone at Singapore Florist, we deliver hundreds of Orchids every week.

Orchids are not only beautiful but meaningful. They mean thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, beauty, charm, and love, they’re the perfect choice to celebrate and be part of all precious events and moments. They carry various other meanings depending on their color like ;

Red – Passion and desire
Pink – Grace, joy, happiness, innocence and femininity.
White – Humility, innocence, purity and beauty.
Purple – Admiration, respect, dignity and royalty.
Yellow – Friendship, joy and new beginnings etc.,

At Singapore Florist, we offer a wide range of Orchids suitable for almost every occasion. Be it a wedding garland, a hand bouquet, a table arrangement or live Orchids for interior decoration. Mention not, we also have artificial Orchid Flowers in Singapore that look just like the real ones.

Check out a few Orchid Flower Bouquets etc., and click on your favorite one to order and deliver to your loved ones in Singapore – Same day delivery available for various products.

Orchid Hand Bouquets in Singapore Live Orchid Flowers with Wine

Orchid Table Flowers Orchid Garland

Anniversary Gifts & Bouquets Delivery Singapore

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, and togetherness and tenacity. The best way to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to give the loved one the perfect gift for the occasion along with flowers, a wine and chocolates to make it sweeter. More than just a gift, it is the meaning of the gift and intention behind the Gift that matters to your loved ones. At Singapore Florist, we make gifts with a personal touch since 1987. We understand the language of flowers and meanings that are to be conveyed with the gift. Anniversary Gifts in Singapore by Singapore Florist are specially designed to suit your day and multiply your happiness.

A wedding anniversary is a beautiful time in a couple’s life. Evert Anniversary is special for the couple and they want to celebrate the anniversary in a beautiful way. That’s perhaps the reason why friends, family and well-wishers of the couple also prefer sending Anniversary Gifts to the couple celebrating their anniversary. We’ve experienced that the anniversary gifts in Singapore that sent by friends and family makes the couple feel more excited and special on their special day. Such a gesture reassures the couple that they are so made for each other.

Check out a few Anniversary Gifts in Singapore that you may want to send to your partner or a friend who is celebrating their special day.

Anniversary Gift in Singapore  Gift for her Gift for him anniversary gifts in singapore

Click on any of the gift above and select your favorite Gift or a Bouquet for this Anniversary! Do not forget that you can leave a special personalized note along with the Gift

Hari Raya Haji Hampers Delivery Singapore

Also known to the Christians and Jews, Muslims worldwide demonstrate their obedience to Allah by sacrificing an animal, usually a goat. This is celebrated in a holy manner by Muslims across the world and Singapore is one place where the fest is also marked as a public holiday. Hari Raya is also the time where the Muslims take a journey back to their hometown which is also known as “balik kampung” to visit relatives.

However, it may not always be possible to visit and travel in these busy lives. Alas! that doesn’t stop you in any way in sending a traditional gift hamper to your loved ones. After all, the festival is also for sharing and caring for each other!

At Singapore Florist, Hari Raya Hampers are very carefully crafted because all the products in the hampers are 100% Halal and we always value each culture and traditional significance. The very design and arrangement speaks for itself as to how careful we are when it comes to festival hampers such as Hari Raya Hampers in Singapore.

Check out a few Hari Raya Hampers in Singapore – exclusively available only at Singapore Florist – gifts with a personal touch since 1987. Click on any of the following image to order your favorite Hari Raya Hamper in Singapore.


Mother’s Day Gifts, Hampers Singapore 2023

What is a more happiness than seeing your mother happy? The bond between a mother and child is such an incredible one that many a times, not even a poetry falls short of words. A mother, in every species is known to be and undisputedly the first person in the world to protect and sacrifice anything for a child. Sacrifices of a mother are so immense that no gift can ever replace that. But, of course, we can bring a pretty smile on her face with an amiable and affectionate way of presenting her the gift of her choice on a Mother’s Day. Our moms are so important to us, yet many people do not show how much they appreciate their moms. On Mothers Day, everyone has the perfect opportunity to tell his or her mom how they really feel.

At Singapore Florist, as we say, we serve Gifts with a Personal Touch and we understand the language of flowers. The flowers and hampers you select for your mom are just perfect and they convey your message, your love and your deepest respect for your mother.

Mothers Day will be on May 16th this year. We know that there are many gifts to choose from online portals, including Mothers Day gift basket, spa gift, red roses, Cakes etc., and you might even be confused as to what to send to your mother. Just Relax! here is a customized list of Mother’s Day Gifts in Singapore – Flowers, Balloons, Gifts that you may want to send to your mother on this Mother’s Day in Singapore. Be informed that a Mother’s Day in Singapore being a popular eve, we get many orders and that’s why we strongly recommend you to schedule your delivery and leave the rest on to us. We shall ensure that your present reaches your mom on time; Fresh and intact -with your special written message if any!

What are you still waiting for? click here and select your favorite Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet or a Gift in Singapore.


Hari Raya Hampers Delivery Singapore – 2023

It’s the month of Holy Ramadan and the Muslims across the globe are already sending Ramadan Hampers to Singapore and vice versa. In the world of internet and digital shopping, sending of hampers had become the most easiest part ever during all the seasons such as the Ramadan Season. At Singapore Florist, we are already delivering a handful of Ramadan Halal Hampers in Singapore every day.

You should be excited to know that we have an exclusive range of Halal Hampers / Ramadan Hampers at a new challenging price. All you have to do is to click here and select your favorite Ramadan Hamper Delivery in Singapore.

Ramadan Hampers are filled with Chocolates, Tonics, Cookies, teas etc., and needless to say, all of them are 100% Halal. This year, we have also added Halal Wellness Health Tonic Hamper With Flowers which is grabbing the attention of almost all our esteemed customers. By sending this Hamper to your family, friends and loved ones during this Holy Month of Ramadan. you are conveying to them that you care for them and their health; thus a more meaningful Ramadan hamper.

Check out a few Ramadan Hampers in Singapore – exclusively available for you!

Ramadan Hampers Wellness Hampers Ramadan Halal Hampers in Singapore

Four in One Package of Flowers – Scheduled Delivery

Isn’t it exciting to have flowers delivered regularly at your office, home or business place everyday or weekly or any time in a month of your choice? On top of it, to get 4 in 1 package where you get four different type of exciting Flower Arrangements at a very cheap and affordable price is something you would surely want, specially if you are a flower lover. Yes, you read it right. At Singapore Florist, we are proud to introduce the most affordable 4 in 1 flower arrangement Package that you may schedule order every day or once a week or monthly once up to your choice! However, you are required to place an order at least one month in advance, as much as possible so that we ensure fresh flowers are delivered to you every time.

This exclusive 4 in 1 package is designed to cater to your specific needs wherein you may need a regular delivery of flowers for interior ambience at work place or may need flowers on a special day every week or month. Flower arrangements in the 4 in 1 package are suitable as table flowers for any occasion. Many of our clients at Singapore Florist pre-book flowers on special days throughout the year to ensure that the flowers of their choice are kept readily available even in the peak season.

When you order the 4 in 1 flower arrangement package, small flower arrangement will also be given as a token of appreciation and compliment in addition to the 4 in 1 package. What stops you still from ordering the exclusive package? Order now and we shall deliver fresh flowers in Singapore on any day per your schedule*.

Table Flower Arrangements in Singapore

Sympathy Flowers in Singapore

As our business caption reads, we deliver “Flowers with a personal touch” since 1987. At Singapore Florist, we understand that sending Sympathy flowers are always a hard reason to send flowers and you want the recipients to feel better when they receive. Sympathy flowers are sent for many reasons such as to people at a loss. Many people prefer sending Sympathy Flowers when the others are in loss of their pet. This would be a way to show that you are thinking of them and showing support for them and their loss.

Not everyone are well versed with what makes a Flower Bouquet a Sympathy Bouquet. Sympathy Flower Bouquets in Singapore are mostly a combination of fresh cut flowers, a combination of Blue, Yellow and White flowers with a little greenery arrangement, or a silk artificial bouquet. Of course, there are traditional flower choices in each culture. They have their own customs and traditions with regard to sympathy  etiquette. For example, in Japan, China and Singapore, white and yellow are used in such sad occasions.

When you are unaware of the family’s religious views, it would be recommended to send a general mixed array of fresh flowers, because flowers bring great ambience and make a person feel special and good, which shall be the perfect gesture in their sad times. Expert Florists at Singapore Florist understand your specific needs and we are able to assist you in choosing a floral arrangement that will be most suited to the situation and culture. You may approach us any time: Contact us here.

Check out a few Sympathy Flower Bouquets that are most preferred in Singapore:

Sympathy Flowers in Singapore

Sympathy Bouquets

Valentines Day Gifts for her | Singapore Florist

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and it is that time of the year when flowers, chocolates and gifts are expected to do the talking. Who would not want to surprise their lady with a present that will wow her, charm her, and solidify your status as a true romantic? Well, we know what you should probably be thinking. Isn’t it too difficult to find the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift in Singapore? We are sure it is, specially when you have huge expectations and plans. At Singapore Florist, as we say it, we serve ‘Gifts with a personal touch since 1987’. We understand the flowers and the emotions attached to them while delivering to your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore : RED ROSES HEART SHABED MESSAGE
Click on any of the flowers below to select your favorite one.

Valentines day Flower Bouquet  Heart Shape Flowers Chocolates in Singapore

Why Send RED ROSES and Chocolates?

Well, you might already know the answer, but let us tell you in our own way to add more reasons to send Red Roses on a Valentine’s day. Believe us, nothing can replace the red roses as a Valentines Day Bouquet.

Also read: Roses – a poem of love | Singapore Florist

Evidence suggests that the red rose is nearly 35 million years old, which also establishes the fact that these flowers are traditionally symbolizes luxury, love and elegance! A bouquet of red roses, particularly when they are sent on a special day such as Valentine’s Day for your special someone, can be overwhelming. Its overpowering presence and fragrance can consume people, and can compel them to give the sender a second look. It makes the recipient feel precious as it is the ultimate expression of giving someone attention, and feels like the perfect compliment. If you are planning to send Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore – stop your search here and select your favorite and luxurious RED ROSES Delivery in Singapore, exclusively available at Singapore Florist.

Singapore Florist









Iris Flowers in Singapore | Iris Flower Meaning | Florist

Iris are a very special flowers that can make your ambience very special, pleasant, inspiring and calm. This beautiful bloom traces a heritage through Greek mythology, thus tracing back to thousands of years and its significance is never lost throughout the history. In Singapore, we get a decent number of orders everyday with Iris Flowers as a choice, a reason why we maintain fresh Iris Flowers in Singapore every day.

Iris Flowers represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.  Purple iris brings a message of wisdom and compliments, while a bouquet of blue iris blossoms speak of hope and faith. In China, the iris is a symbol of spring, vitality, and change. Due to the large, delicate petals that resemble butterfly wings, Chinese people sometimes refer to the iris as a butterfly. In Ancient China, people believed that placing irises around a door or inside a home would keep negative energies away. To this day, people still view the iris as a protector and positive influence. This may be the reason for Iris flowers in Singapore becoming an essential part of table gardens and indoor plants.

At Singapore Florist, we use Iris since 1987 in almost all the flower bouquets and table flowers wherever a message to convey a new beginning, hope or congratulations. Blue iris, the most famous flowers in Singapore are specially handpicked and carefully added to your Bouquets or Table Arrangements. Check out the below Iris Specials exclusively available with us. You may want to click on any image to order your favorite Iris Flowers Delivery in Singapore.

Iris Flowers Delivery Singapore  iris flower bouquet in singapore