Birthday Flowers in Singapore, Bouquets and Hampers

We all want to wish our loved ones on their Birthday. Some of us want to meet or call the birthday boy/girl and convey direct messages. But, why make the wishes so plain when you can make it exciting and ever memorable? At Singapore Florist, we serve Gifts with a Personal Touch since 1987 – at least 30% of our flower delivery consists of Birthday Wishes.

Birthday Flowers in SingaporeBirthday Gifts in Singapore: Starting from Chocolates, Bears and wines, Singapore Florist brings a wide range of hamper collections for Birthday Gifts in Singapore to make your day more special.

Check out the exclusive Birthday Gifts in Singapore before you make your final choice just to ensure you did not miss the one your friend/family member may love to receive from you. Do you know? We customize your Birthday Gift with add-ons and special extra flowers? Make a special note while ordering, we shall ensure!

Birthday Cakes in Singapore

Birthday Cakes in Singapore: We know that you want to add sweetness to the Birthday Gifts / Birthday Flowers you send to your loved ones! Here is an exclusive range of Cakes in different flavors – send one most loved by the birthday boy/girl.

That’s not all, you can also add Birthday Balloons to the Hampers and send a full packed birthday hamper! Balloons, Cakes, Flowers, Gifts! What else you want? Click here to select your Custom Birthday Gifts in Singapore, make the day best!

Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore

Do you know that Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore is one of the largest flower-giving day? Yes, we at Singapore Florist celebrate Mothers day every year by serving mothers across Singapore with the special flowers and gifts sent by her children. So tall you may grow, so popular you may become. But for a mother, you are her sweet little child!
Mothers Day Hampers in Singaporemothers day hampers in singapore







So when you are planning to gift your mom on the Mothers Day, don’t forget to browse the impressive collection of Mothers Day gifts in Singapore Florist – gifts with a personal touch. At Singapore Florist, we have arranged a wide range of impressive yet meaningful hampers that are best suitable for almost every mother. All you have to do is just visit the special Mothers Day Gifts on our website and order your favorite gift – delivered on the same day, Free home Delivery*. 

Gifts with a personal Touch: That’s our tagline – Gifts with a personal touch – the way we make and send flowers in Singapore! On Mothers day, what you want is to make the gifts more personal and express your love to your mother. Check out the exclusive ‘Message in a bottle’ gifts on the Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore page and write your thoughts! After all, your mother deserves to know how deeply you love her and what she mean to you!

The early the better: Flower delivery in Singapore is our every day job, that we enjoy the most doing. However, as we told you, Mothers Day makes our florist studio so busy that we have to schedule hundreds of deliveries on the same day. Hence, we recommend that you pre-order your flowers and gifts for us to make best delivery arrangement.


Ramadan Hampers in Singapore

Ramadan Hampers in Singapore is one of the highly searched term during the Holy month of Ramadan, starting on 26-May-2017 in which Millions of Muslims around the world take part for a month long of intense prayer, dawn-to-dusk fasting and nightly feasts. According to Islam, Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars, along with the Muslim declaration of faith, daily prayer, charity, and performing the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

Ramadan Hampers in Singapore

Halal Hampers in Singapore

Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s prayers. Many Muslims dress more conservatively during Ramadan and spend more time at the mosque than at any other time of the year. Having such significant meaning in the practice, Ramadan becomes a sacred month not only for prayers but also for sharing and charity.

Sending Halal Hampers in Singapore is one of an important culture in Singapore during this month, in which our Singapore Florist studio is always given a chance by our esteemed customers. We have already started adding Halal Hampers to Singapore Florist portal, from where you can chose the hamper of your choice. Do not forget that you can also order from outside Singapore to send Ramadan Hampers to Singapore.

Buy White Rose Flowers in Singapore

White is a symbol of purity, innocence, peace and new beginning. So are the White Roses – a classic choice to convey your message with such meaning. People across the globe love these pleasant looking white roses after the queen of all roses, the Red roses.

BUY ROSES IN SINGAPOREKeeping in mind the sensitive feelings involved, we at Singapore Florist– serving gifts with a personal touch since 1987 takes extra care in hand picking of the white roses just to make sure your flowers are delivered with pure white rose collection.

Do not forget to check the hundreds of designs with the white roses in Singapore, perfectly suitable for many occasions. Check our ready to order white rose bouquets for wedding, bridal, new office or home and many more occasions.

Do you want to send these beautiful and pure white roses to your loved ones living outside Singapore? just don’t forget, that we have International delivery! Send your love over seas and await for a lovely message back from your special someone. Order White Rose Flowers in Singapore today!

Bridal Hand Bouquets in Singapore | Wedding Flowers

Stylish, elegant, attractive and impressive: these terms characterize most, if not all, bridal bouquets made at the Singapore Florist Bouquet in Singapore. Different flowers with different colors that can match with the bridal wedding gowns are made attractive in a handheld bouquet, and it always flatters the girl who holds it.

This article is here to help you in your decision-making process regarding your own bridal bouquet, and to give you some great photos of bridal bouquets that will help you decide what style and color you would like and match with the wedding theme.

wedding Bridal BouquetPhalaenopsis Orchids Special Wedding Bouquet

This most preferred bridal bouquet is often chosen by the bride especially to match the green and little red theme of the wedding. Believe it or not, nothing can replace this elegant design especially if you are taking this one to match with your wedding gown.

The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times symbolizing Love, Beauty, Fertility, Charm and Thoughtfulness. What else do you want?

bridal bouquets in singapore Purple Phalaenopsis Orchids Hand Bouquet

Make it unique, impressive and traditional! This Purple Orchids Hand Bouquet is one of its kind, often chosen especially because it can be placed on the table as well..!

This attractive arrangement has always stolen the attention! It is likely that you will be asked about this flowers even after wedding, as that’s how we get a lot of orders 🙂

cala lalies in singapore wedding5 Calla Lilies & 10 Yam Roses Hand Bouquet

These are the sleekest, simplest lilies because of their smooth and curvaceous shape. These are also the most popular lilies for bridal bouquets, and being a style that everyone loves.

Loaded with 10 Yam Roses, this Hand Bouquet with 5 calla lilies is elegant and classy. You should also know that most of the traditional lovers seek Cala Lilies for obvious reasons.

Here are some more Bridan Hand Bouquets that you may want to  see before finalizing the one for you! Contact the Singapore Florist Bouquet, sending gifts with a personal touch since 1987. Do not forget to ask if you have some special requests to make!

wedding bridal hand bouquets

Happy Chinese New Year – year of rooster 2017

To all our valued customers, friends and well wishers, we wish you a very happy Chinese New Year / Chunyun. On this auspicious day, lets see some exciting facts related to the Chinese New Year 2017. Do not forget that we at Singapore Florist, are serving Chinese New Year Hampers already.

Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore

World’s Largest Human Migration Begins:  Forbes reported, “According to the country’s economic planning body, the National Development and Reform Commission, almost three billion trips are expected to be made this year, a 2.2% increase from last year.

Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency, recently released its “2017 Spring Festival Tourism Big Data Report,” forecasting that this year’s holiday season will be the “hottest ever” and is expected to surpass last year’s total of six million outbound trips.

Of those three billion trips according to the economic planning body, 2.5 billion will be by land, 356 million by train, 58.3 million by plane and 43.5 million by boat, showing the significance of Chinese New Year in China and other parts of world where Chinese Live.

If you missed sending your best wishes to someone, go ahead and order Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore now. Our Florist in Singapore studio is always available for you! The lovely feeling of being wished is much beyond the delay in sending! So just don’t worry!

Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore

Chinese New Year is here! The Chinese New Year is a celebration of many things – folklore, culture, art and tradition. Also known as “Lunar New Year” or the “Spring Festival” comes with its characterised animal of this year – The Year of the Rooster, tenth animal in the cycle– beginning on Saturday January-28-2017.

Chinese New Year Hampers in SingaporeAt Singapore Florist, one of the best Florists in Singapore we are ready with the new year exclusive offers and specially crafted Chinese New Year Hampers for this year of Rooster. You can start selecting your orders and schedule them for delivery on the desired time and date.
People born in the Year of the Rooster are characterised as honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident. They are happiest when they are in company, enjoying the spotlight. So what more reasons you want? Sending flowers and hampers this year especially to those who were born in this year of rooster makes them happy and ever remembered.

The Singapore Florist’s studio updates every year and we chose the best of seasonal flowers for the respective occasions. As the Chinese New Year comes between January and February, special flowers with meaningful colours are chosen to make Chinese New Year Flowers. The red flowers symbolising good wishes, yellow for good fortune and harmony, Lotus for the peace and perfection etc.,

Chose from our wide range of special Chinese New Year Flowers in Singapore and Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore today before we run out of stock. Happy Spring Festival to all our valued customers in advance.

New Year Hampers in Singapore

The Holiday season has started! and we are here with the latest, impressive and affordable flower bouquets and new year hampers in Singapore. We all know that Christmas and New year are celebrated within a week, making it a non stop celebration period filled with fun. As your partner in sending gifts, hampers, flowers etc., to your loved ones, we wish you bag many memories in this season. Check out our exclusive range of New Year Hampers in Singapore

Christmas is known for special cakes and this continues till New Year. Fresh cakes made for Christmas and New Year are also exclusively available as “add-ons”. Check out our Christmas Cakes in Singapore

Here are some of the most popular cakes and hampers that you can quickly consider to order. Don’t forget that at Singapore Florist, you can always ask for a custom design / add-on gifts and hampers to make your New Year Hampers in Singapore more personalized.

Gift Hampers Delivery Add-On Tiramisu Fruite Cake 1 kg

Roses – a poem of love | Singapore Florist

Roses are beautiful flowers that have long been a symbol of love. As the red roses exclusively symbolize expression of love, different colors of Roses have different and special meanings; some produce an enchanting fragrance to add to their attraction. (Click here to read Meaning of Flowers) You need not be a poet to write a poem to express your love.. just chose the best flowers and combinations, they speak your heart!

 You may wonder that even black roses are available and they are very special having it’s own meaning. For people interested in giving a gift of flowers, these meanings may be significant. At Singapore Florist – our Flower Delivery in Singapore desk has a flood of orders every day mostly consisting of the roses and its combinations.

Roses have been admired by humans not in recent times, but since ancient times. They were used on king’s carpets and beds and were being ornamental on the queen. Rose fragrances are extracted and are used since ancient Greeks. Rose oils are believed to have culinary and cosmetic uses and may have health benefits as well.

At our Florist Boutique, we have customised Rose Flower Bouquets in Singapore for each occasion, readily available for you to browse and order online. With an ease of “occasions/event menu” of our portal, it is easy for you to choose the suitable expression of roses.

To Buy Rose Flowers in Singapore, all you need to do is to select the occasion and place your order. We deliver your bouquets to your loved ones and convey your heartfelt message!

Deepavali Hampers in Singapore | Florist

Much celebrated festival of Indian / Hindu culture; Deepavali is upcoming in the month end of October. Students enjoy the long holiday season before Deepavali (also knows as Diwali). This festival is celebrated with lights and fireworks in India, thus it is also well known as the festival of lights; light for the life, the winning of good over evil. On this special day, friends and family share their happiness by offering sweets, gifts, flowers and special deepavali hampers in Singapore.

Diwali Hampers in Singapore

It is no surprise to know that the businessman in India who celebrate Deepavali sends sweet boxes and hampers to all their customers which they believe is an offering of godess Lakshmi. Deepavali Hampers in Singapore is no less popular. Alone at Singapore Florist, the florist boutique since 1987, we get loads of orders for Deepavali Hampers Delivery in Singapore.

At our flower boutique, we update our lists and hamper every year keeping in mind the importance of this festival and timely delivery. Should you wish to order special Deepavali Hampers in Singapore, it’s just a click away from here. Do not forget to check out the list of add-ons to make your hampers more special and impressive. Happy Diwali!

Click on the below Image to go directly to the Special Deepavali Hampers PageDeepavali Hampers in Singapore