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Birds of Paradise flowers in Singapore

The Bird of Paradise is a plant that was first found in South Africa where it is often called as a Crane Flower. This Bird of Paradise plants and their very special flowers are widely used across the world for interior decorations, event decoration, flower bouquet arrangements etc. In Singapore, we as one of the oldest Florists in Singapore have observed more than half of our clients insist to add Bird of Paradise flowers to their special bouquets gifts.

Bird of Paradise flowers holds a unique characteristic and appearance. They are most commonly comprised of 3-5 vividly orange petals and 2-3 deep blue petals. The combination of colors and their natural design, the Bird of Paradise flowers gives the appearance of a birds head and beak; thus its named the “Bird” of paradise!

birds of paradise flowers in singapore

All the Florists across nations admire this flower for its unique looks and versatility. We love to use these unique and beautiful flowers in summer wedding arrangements, in multi-bloom tropical bouquets, or as single flower centerpieces.

This could also be added to a wedding anniversary flower bouquet to make the bouquet more special. When given for this occasion, the flower displays a meaning of faithfulness, but it also has several other meanings. Expressing freedom, joy and a clear perspective on life, this flower brings happiness wherever it is displayed.

Why not order the Bird of Paradise flowers in Singapore? Just a click away at Singapore Florist since 1987 – gifts with a personal touch.

Plants Rental in Singapore

Many a times, you want plants in your office and home; especially when you arrange any events. Because, the plants bring in a natural ambiance to your place and will help manage the overall mood of the event. But you may not have the attractive plants readily available at home. Isn’t it?

Well, we have an answer for this!

  • No need to water the plants (time saving)
  • No need to maintain them for long period
  • No need to spend too much of money on buying too many plants suitable for location
  • No need to have expertise in selecting the type of plants

All you need is to call us, The Singapore Florist – best Singapore Florist since 1987; we are at your service to study your event(s) and your choice of ambience, provide EXACTLY what you are expecting from the plant decoration.

Our Expert team will guide you to choose the best of Real & Artificial plants for landscaping and interior decoration of your house or office. Trust us, your delegates / guests are going to talk about this exciting plant arrangements!

Need not buy all the plants:

Understanding the limited criteria, Singapore Florist is serving the customers by giving plants on rental basis. Yes, you can take the plants on rental basis within Singapore. Beautiful plants, both artificial and real are given on rental basis. All you need to do is to click on the Plant Rental in Singapore

Thanks for giving us a chance – Singapore Florist

Dear Valued customers,

Thank you so much for giving us a chance on the mother’s day to send your love and concern to your mother through the flowers and mother’s day gifts made by us, the Singapore Florist.

We also thank you very much for liking our pre-designed mother’s day gifts and add-on accessories along with them. We have also carefully noted some of the customer’s special requirements in the add-on gifts to the mother’s day flowers (which we happily fulfilled). We shall promise our customers that the next mother’s day will be made more special, more creative and more exciting than the yesterday’s mother’s day.

While we are serving your various flower requirements, mother’s day is a very special day also for us which lets us share your celebration, which lets us be your most trusted florist in Singapore.

Yours sincerely, with lots of respect & love,

Singapore Florist
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Singapore Florist – Best Tulip Bouquets in Singapore

Tulips an origin of Persia & Turkey later have spread to the world, starting in Europe in early 16th century. Tulips belong to the family of lilies. But, in many parts of the world, Tulips are more popular and preferred may be due to the unique mild fragrance and appearance.

You should Buy Tulips if you are looking out for an impressive flower bouquet in Singapore. Because, Tulips are available in various colors each color has a distinctive meaning representing a different occasion.

Best Tulip Flowers in Singapore

The Red / Pink Tulips are very special flowers to express your love or concern while the yellow tulips symbolizing cheerful thoughts, white conveying forgiveness and purple representing royalty.

Tulips are suitable for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Anniversary or sympathy. In other words, there is no occasion that tulips cannot be a choice. It’s no wonder that in addition to all its other symbolism, in the language of flowers, a tulip bouquet represents elegance and grace. May be due to this reason, our customers often first ask for the tulip flowers availability when they plan to buy flower bouquet in Singapore.

If you are planning to buy a Flower bouquet in Singapore , you should also consider to buy tulip bouquets in Singapore @ Singapore Florist – gifts with a personal touch since 1987.

Checkout this video and discover the various Tulip colors and bouquets. Do not forget to visit the “Buy Tulip Bouquets in Singapore” page and witness all the tulip arrangements!

Thank you for Visiting Us, Singapore Florist

Buy Fruit Baskets in Singapore | Singapore Florist

Fruit Baskets are one of those gifts that you can send to anyone at any time. May it be your friend, parents, teacher, your Boss etc.  There is no such occasion that fruit baskets are not suitable. Fruit Baskets are such a perfect and healthy gift.

Fruit baskets made at Singapore Florist are luxurious gifts that will impress almost anyone. They are luxurious because they have a rich taste, rich appearance, and of course rich at health! But we need not call them luxurious because, at Singapore Florist they are available at a very reasonable price.

buy fruit baskets in singapore

What are a few occasions that are suitable to consider buying Fruit Baskets?

A Sunday lunch: When you are invited for a Sunday lunch or a festival dinner, surprise your friends and family with the special fruit baskets made by Singapore Florist. Fruit baskets are a best choice for this closed group dinner – believe us, all your loved ones enjoy these fruits!

New Mom’s or expecting babies: The new mom’s and women expecting a baby needs more health conscious – remind them that their child needs a good health, and that happens only when mother maintains a rich and healthy diet. Like the Fresh fruits and fresh veggies. Offer them a fruit basket and witness their happiness for your concern.

For extra happiness and excitement, add some balloons, toys or teddy bears to the fruit basket!

Wish someone a speedy recovery?: If you are going to see someone who needs some health improvement & you want to wish them a speedy recovery – take the special fruit basket along which will symbolize the health and nutrition!

House warming: A combination of fresh fruit basket and flowers will bring the new house owner a great joy and freshness feeling.

A Surprise Visit or celebration: The occasion is a surprise! So the gifts should be. Fruit Baskets are a great surprise gifts for all the occasions. There is not occasion that is not suitable for gifting / sending a fruit basket.

Buy Fruit Baskets in Singapore | Buy Fruit Baskets online