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Diwali Flowers, Deepavali Hampers in Singapore

In India, and for Indian Hindus across the world, the time of celebration has started! Month of September to November is a continuous celebration period there in India. Holidays for educational institutions, long holidays for all the workers etc., this is a period of huge celebrations! Buy Deepavali Hampers in singapore

Devi navarathri during which the Hindus decorate their Goddess with flowers and colors of traditional ornaments / cloths for 9 long days has already started since 26th September 2014. Many of our Indian clients have already started ordering flowers to decorate! Why not you start decorating your home or office if you are celebrating this fest? contact us by clicking here –> Singapore Florist

For deepavali which is due on 23 October 2014; large number of crackers and flowers are used to celebrate this festival of colors and lights. We at Singapore Florist are all set ready to serve all your festival celebration requirements – Diwali Flowers, Diwali Hampers (also called as Deepavali Flowers and Deepavali Hampers) pre-designed and ready to send to your friends and family…!

All you have to do is to just browse the suitable Deepavali Hampers in Singapore and start ordering them!

Navratri Flowers in Singapore | Dussehra Hampers

It’s the dussehra / Vijayadasami / devi navrathri time in India (a very largely celebrated fest in South India). During this period, devotees in India celebrate 9 long days offering worship to their Goddess. Hence, this fest is a national holiday for India and over 15 days midterm holidays for educational institutions!

Singapore Florist in Singapore

This holy festival and the 9 continuous days of worship are not just celebrated in India, but also across the globe wherever Indians live. In Singapore, there are many Indians that celebrate this holy festival with the Indian customs – decorating the goddess with beautiful flowers and other offerings.

Order Navratri Flowers in Singapore | Dussehra Flowers and hampers in Singapore

In the Indian Hindu culture, the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are considered to be important junctions of climatic and solar influences. These two periods are taken as sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother Durga. The dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar. on which each women follow tradition to wear nine colors of dress on Navratri

If you are living in Singapore and celebrating this festival, you should surely browse the cart at Singapore Florist and choose your decorative and celebration flowers & hampers. You can customize the hampers and flowers that are available on the cart.

Should you have any ideas or customizations, please call our experts @ (+65) 6345 2847 during business hours!

Happy Teachers Day

Its the Teachers Day! the day that gives you a chance to wish your beloved teachers and let them know how much value you have for them and their valuable teachings in life.

Teachers Day Gifts in Singapore | Singapore Florist

teachers day gifts in singpore


A teachers day message is sent to the teacher by his or her student as an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for all the guidance and education he has received from the teacher.

Did not realize that you have to send your favorite teacher a special gift? upset because you were unable to send one on the Teachers Day? No worries… just understand that a teacher expects nothing from you personally! All they want is you to become a great human being and a loving person in life who knows sharing and caring along with intellect. So, More than the teachers day, they will love the feeling of your honor for them! no day is a wrong day to send your teacher a gift. If you live in Singapore, we at Singapore Florist offer same day delivery and free home delivery! Order your Teachers Day gifts now.

And yes, don’t forget to add a personal note to your teacher about your feelings.