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Buy White Rose Flowers in Singapore

White is a symbol of purity, innocence, peace and new beginning. So are the White Roses – a classic choice to convey your message with such meaning. People across the globe love these pleasant looking white roses after the queen of all roses, the Red roses.

BUY ROSES IN SINGAPOREKeeping in mind the sensitive feelings involved, we at Singapore Florist– serving gifts with a personal touch since 1987 takes extra care in hand picking of the white roses just to make sure your flowers are delivered with pure white rose collection.

Do not forget to check the hundreds of designs with the white roses in Singapore, perfectly suitable for many occasions. Check our ready to order white rose bouquets for wedding, bridal, new office or home and many more occasions.

Do you want to send these beautiful and pure white roses to your loved ones living outside Singapore? just don’t forget, that we have International delivery! Send your love over seas and await for a lovely message back from your special someone. Order White Rose Flowers in Singapore today!

Bridal Hand Bouquets in Singapore | Wedding Flowers

Stylish, elegant, attractive and impressive: these terms characterize most, if not all, bridal bouquets made at the Singapore Florist Bouquet in Singapore. Different flowers with different colors that can match with the bridal wedding gowns are made attractive in a handheld bouquet, and it always flatters the girl who holds it.

This article is here to help you in your decision-making process regarding your own bridal bouquet, and to give you some great photos of bridal bouquets that will help you decide what style and color you would like and match with the wedding theme.

wedding Bridal BouquetPhalaenopsis Orchids Special Wedding Bouquet

This most preferred bridal bouquet is often chosen by the bride especially to match the green and little red theme of the wedding. Believe it or not, nothing can replace this elegant design especially if you are taking this one to match with your wedding gown.

The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times symbolizing Love, Beauty, Fertility, Charm and Thoughtfulness. What else do you want?

bridal bouquets in singapore Purple Phalaenopsis Orchids Hand Bouquet

Make it unique, impressive and traditional! This Purple Orchids Hand Bouquet is one of its kind, often chosen especially because it can be placed on the table as well..!

This attractive arrangement has always stolen the attention! It is likely that you will be asked about this flowers even after wedding, as that’s how we get a lot of orders 🙂

cala lalies in singapore wedding5 Calla Lilies & 10 Yam Roses Hand Bouquet

These are the sleekest, simplest lilies because of their smooth and curvaceous shape. These are also the most popular lilies for bridal bouquets, and being a style that everyone loves.

Loaded with 10 Yam Roses, this Hand Bouquet with 5 calla lilies is elegant and classy. You should also know that most of the traditional lovers seek Cala Lilies for obvious reasons.

Here are some more Bridan Hand Bouquets that you may want to  see before finalizing the one for you! Contact the Singapore Florist Bouquet, sending gifts with a personal touch since 1987. Do not forget to ask if you have some special requests to make!

wedding bridal hand bouquets