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Sending Gifts to Singapore | With a personal touch

Sending gifts has been a long-practiced gesture for many special occasions. Of course, to send a gift to someone you love, you don’t need a special occasion. You can send it anytime. In modern times, not all our loved ones are living in one town or one state. With globalization, most of them moved out of town. However, with the availability of online shopping, sending gifts to your special someone is made easy and affordable. But selecting a suitable gift is not an easy task if you are confused as to what to send! That’s essentially the reason why we at Singapore Florist made an easy list of ‘Gifting Category’ so that you can choose from the best.

Here’s a list of categories for your quick reference and choice! All you have to do is to click on the image and start selecting your favorite gift. You can do all of it sitting at home, you don’t have to run behind the shops to send Gifts to Singapore.









Happy Vesak Day | Singapore Florist

singapore floristDear valued customers, we wish you a Happy Vesak Day!

As we all know, Vesak Day is the celebration of Buddha’s birthday and it is observed as the most important festival for Buddhists. Several non-Buddhists in the world, especially in India also celebrate this day as “Guru Purnima” meaning, a full moon dedicated to the teachers/Gurus. It is a tradition to pray or seek blessings from the gurus and offer gifts to the Gurus.

The exact date of Vesak varies according to the various lunar calendars used in different traditions. In Singapore this year, it is celebrated today ie., 26-May-2021. Celebrations in Singapore and India come on the same day every year.

In Singapore, During this time you will see many of the Buddhist temples in Singapore hold special praying sessions and other celebratory events. You can visit any of the major temples in Singapore for a great vegetarian lunch. You can also send beautiful flowers as a symbol of peace, appreciation, and happiness on this great eve. At Singapore Florist, as you know, we deliver flowers on the same day and all our deliveries are free of cost.