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Wedding Flowers Singapore

Wedding is not only the most important occasion but also a special day in everyone’s life, those who want to enter into a relationship.  They do everything to make it extravagant and remarkable. Either an extravagant or simple wedding always have bouquet of flowers essential for the ceremony. At Singapore Florist, we make wedding flowers in Singapore that are suitable for all wedding types. Special, fresh and fragrant flowers handpicked by expert florists at our florist studio makes the wedding day more and more special and colorful.

We believe, flowers will bring life to the wedding. It is the wish of every bride that the flowers she hold on that day should be the most beautiful ones. This is one reason why choosing of  perfect flowers is essential. But hey, we know your confusion about what is the best flower to use for weddings? That’s essentially the reason why we at Singapore Florist have made a list of flower designs / types that are specially designed for weddings. Here is the list of products/designs we offer:

  Bridal Bouquet         Fake Flower Posy
  Boutonnieres          Wedding Wristlets
  Wedding Flower Crown    Wedding Car
  Wedding Event      Wedding Anniversary
  Wedding Bear       Wedding Gifts
  Rose Petal             Wedding Banner

Checkout the exclusive wedding flowers in Singapore as above listed – just a click away.

Affordable Florist in Singapore

Flowers are the most preferred gifts on almost all occasions. Be it a birthday party or an inaugural event, there are flowers/bouquets suitable for every occasion. They are available in various colors symbolizing different meanings. It will not be an exaggeration to say that flowers are the best source to express your feelings. Perhaps, that’s one reason why flowers rank among the topmost priorities of gifts. At Singapore Florist, making meaningful flowers has been our priority since 1987.

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It cannot be denied that most Bouquets and Flower arrangements are not always affordable. However, at the same time, the better the quality and quantity of flowers in a bouquet, the more the price will be. But hey! The good news is, we at Singapore Florist always strive to make the flowers affordable for everyone. Flower Bouquets are available starting at $39 and there are hundreds of impressive flower bouquets in different colors within an affordable range of less than $100.