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Wedding Flowers Singapore

Wedding is not only the most important occasion but also a special day in everyone’s life, those who want to enter into a relationship.  They do everything to make it extravagant and remarkable. Either an extravagant or simple wedding always have bouquet of flowers essential for the ceremony. At Singapore Florist, we make wedding flowers in Singapore that are suitable for all wedding types. Special, fresh and fragrant flowers handpicked by expert florists at our florist studio makes the wedding day more and more special and colorful.

We believe, flowers will bring life to the wedding. It is the wish of every bride that the flowers she hold on that day should be the most beautiful ones. This is one reason why choosing of  perfect flowers is essential. But hey, we know your confusion about what is the best flower to use for weddings? That’s essentially the reason why we at Singapore Florist have made a list of flower designs / types that are specially designed for weddings. Here is the list of products/designs we offer:

  Bridal Bouquet         Fake Flower Posy
  Boutonnieres          Wedding Wristlets
  Wedding Flower Crown    Wedding Car
  Wedding Event      Wedding Anniversary
  Wedding Bear       Wedding Gifts
  Rose Petal             Wedding Banner

Checkout the exclusive wedding flowers in Singapore as above listed – just a click away.

Affordable Florist in Singapore

Flowers are the most preferred gifts on almost all occasions. Be it a birthday party or an inaugural event, there are flowers/bouquets suitable for every occasion. They are available in various colors symbolizing different meanings. It will not be an exaggeration to say that flowers are the best source to express your feelings. Perhaps, that’s one reason why flowers rank among the topmost priorities of gifts. At Singapore Florist, making meaningful flowers has been our priority since 1987.

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It cannot be denied that most Bouquets and Flower arrangements are not always affordable. However, at the same time, the better the quality and quantity of flowers in a bouquet, the more the price will be. But hey! The good news is, we at Singapore Florist always strive to make the flowers affordable for everyone. Flower Bouquets are available starting at $39 and there are hundreds of impressive flower bouquets in different colors within an affordable range of less than $100.

Perfect Flowers & Gifts for every occasion in Singapore

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a wedding day gift, a love gift, a bunch of flowers or just for fun, you surely want to find a gift for somebody that is absolutely perfect. But the question is: What makes a gift “perfect?” or “Impressive” ? Well, the perfection is not only in the gift but also your intention to send and the meaning embodied in the gift.

Every occasion has an expression – Every Expression has a flower. Singapore Florist Believes in this theory and hence research to the trending habits of gifting and flowers. At Singapore Florist, we not only make flowers impressive and perfect but also meaningful.

To help you make a quick choice, we’ve divided flowers and gifts based on occasions, seasons, flower types, festivals etc., all you have to do is, simply select your personal choice from the menu of Singapore Florist, browse to your favorite flower or gift and send input the delivery (recipient) address. Rest assured, we will deliver your flowers!

Check out our latest video on the Flower & Gift Hampers in Singapore!

Table Flower Arrangement in Singapore

Table Flower arrangements for home or office interiors can be beautiful, mixing the right combination of flowers or choosing elegant flowers to make a stunning presentation. Most wonder how they themselves can make the gorgeous arrangements for their homes or maybe even as gifts. Do not worry! We at Singapore Florist are experts in this, having over 35 years of experience. We have customized seasonal, luxurious and elegant Fresh flowers to make your table more impressive.

Though we’ve customized the table arrangements, picking your flowers from the list can be very fun. It is because you will find flowers that will draw the eye to a particular point. You may want to chose your Table Flower Arrangement based on the paint / color of your room and the other accessories that are placed so as to have a pleasant ambience.

Check out a few impressive and hot selling Table Flower Arrangements in Singapore

Table Flower Arrangement table flowers in singapore

Sending Gifts to Singapore | With a personal touch

Sending gifts has been a long-practiced gesture for many special occasions. Of course, to send a gift to someone you love, you don’t need a special occasion. You can send it anytime. In modern times, not all our loved ones are living in one town or one state. With globalization, most of them moved out of town. However, with the availability of online shopping, sending gifts to your special someone is made easy and affordable. But selecting a suitable gift is not an easy task if you are confused as to what to send! That’s essentially the reason why we at Singapore Florist made an easy list of ‘Gifting Category’ so that you can choose from the best.

Here’s a list of categories for your quick reference and choice! All you have to do is to click on the image and start selecting your favorite gift. You can do all of it sitting at home, you don’t have to run behind the shops to send Gifts to Singapore.









Happy Vesak Day | Singapore Florist

singapore floristDear valued customers, we wish you a Happy Vesak Day!

As we all know, Vesak Day is the celebration of Buddha’s birthday and it is observed as the most important festival for Buddhists. Several non-Buddhists in the world, especially in India also celebrate this day as “Guru Purnima” meaning, a full moon dedicated to the teachers/Gurus. It is a tradition to pray or seek blessings from the gurus and offer gifts to the Gurus.

The exact date of Vesak varies according to the various lunar calendars used in different traditions. In Singapore this year, it is celebrated today ie., 26-May-2021. Celebrations in Singapore and India come on the same day every year.

In Singapore, During this time you will see many of the Buddhist temples in Singapore hold special praying sessions and other celebratory events. You can visit any of the major temples in Singapore for a great vegetarian lunch. You can also send beautiful flowers as a symbol of peace, appreciation, and happiness on this great eve. At Singapore Florist, as you know, we deliver flowers on the same day and all our deliveries are free of cost.

Ramadan Hampers in Singapore

In the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims across the world keeps day long fast and offer prayers 5 times a day. This month is considered most significant and sacred, especially to share with friends, family and poor people around us. In other words, ‘giving and sharing’ is one of the important aspects in this month. However, not all can share and care for the ones at distant places and in a pandemic of this magnitude, where gathering is not safe, sending Ramadan Hampers online is one of the safest ways. At Singapore Florist, we send hundreds of orders for Ramadan Hampers in Singapore – Halal Hampers in Singapore every year This year, we have made arrangements for adequate deliveries. Should you plan to send a Halal Hamper in Singapore, its just a click away!

In Singapore, Ramadan / Hari Raya Haji is expected on 13-May-2020 which is also observed as a Public Holiday. We deliver Ramadan Hampers in Singapore even during the holidays – subjected to availability of the delivery slot. We recommend you to make a pre-booking and select the delivery slot well in advance to reduce any last moment rush. Of course, we have Same Day Flower Delivery in Singapore since 1987 – and we also deliver seasonal hampers like Ramadan / Hari Raya on same day of order*

ramadan hampers, iftar hampers*All Deliveries are subjected to availability

Baby Gift Hampers in Singapore

Welcoming a new born is one of the awesome experiences we all enjoy sometime in our lives. At the same time, everybody looks for a unique gift / hampers for the little one, hence standing out from the rest thus making it special and memorable. However, it is not hard to find a perfect gift / Baby hamper in Singapore, specially when you explore our e-store – Singapore Florist.

While the Exclusive Baby hampers contain multiple items, beautifully packaged and presented in attractive packaging, we at Singapore Florist also offer wide range of other Baby Products such as Toys, Baby beds, Baby Photo Frames etc., that are also useful for the baby and the mother. The hampers are designed for baby boys, baby girls and you will also find unisex hampers.

Items in the baby hampers are well selected to serve the different needs that the baby has and with the numerous options, you are always in a position to choose the baby hamper that has everything you feel is important for the baby. Check out the below Baby hampers in Singapore for your quick review.

Baby Hampers in Singapore    Baby Gift Hampers in Singapore

The online option is very convenient even for people with very busy schedules, and in this pandemic, it is also a safe and wise option to prefer online delivery. At Singapore, be assured that we follow all the protocols and government directed precautions for covid-19. Send your favorite Baby hamper in Singapore Today.

Gourmet Gift Baskets in Singapore

If you are stuck in deciding on what to send to your loved ones, do not forget the option of a gourmet gift basket; the most versatile gifts that are appropriate for any occasion. If you are living in Singapore or want to send a surprise Gift Box to someone special, or a client or friend in Singapore, you are just a click away from ordering the best and affordable choice of Gourmet Gift Box in Singapore

Gourmet food by definition means high standard of quality, delicate and artistic preparation and presentation in a highly sophisticated manner. Lots of efficient time, work, effort and imagination are spent in its preparation due to which they are regarded as high quality products and thus are loved by everyone.

Gourmet baskets come in several attractive and impressive themes and they can be sent for birthday, anniversary, housewarming or congratulations. It’s true that several corporate and business entities prefer sending Gourmet Baskets to their clients and business referrals to show and reflect the standard of ones own business. Such being the image of Gourmet Baskets, you can prefer sending a Gourmet Basket in Singapore without a second thought.

Popular gourmet baskets usually contain generous assortment of fine gourmet treats, such as fine chocolates, fruits and nuts mix, gourmet coffee, snacks and drinks. Check out the exclusive range of Gourmet Baskets in Singapore and order one for your loved ones today!

Red Rose Delivery – This Month Special

Evidence suggests that the red rose is nearly 35 million years old, which also establishes the fact that these flowers are traditionally symbolizes luxury, love and elegance! Not surprisingly, ancient civilizations including Egyptians and the Romans seemed to have given the red rose a place of pride as is seen today in almost every part of the world. At Singapore Florist, we not only understand the language of flowers; but its genesis because the origins are associated with the meanings that signifies the value and symbolisms of the flowers.

A bouquet of red roses can overwhelm anyone. Its overpowering presence and fragrance can consume people, and can compel them to give the sender a second look. It makes the recipient feel precious as it is the ultimate expression of giving someone attention, and feels like the perfect compliment.

At Singapore Florist, we make several variety of Red Roses Hand Bouquets everyday and we never put an off to our creativity. Look at the one below, our new addition to the list of elegant Red Rose Flower Bouquets in Singapore

Red Rose in SingaporeAs everyone thinks, Red rose bouquets not only bring joy, but also alleviate pain. Sending Roses; particularly red roses to someone in pain will likely make them happy to receive your love and expression of care and concern! To put it in simple words and simple terms, Red Roses can be preferred in almost any occasion – and our expert florists at Singapore Florist gives the Red Roses in Singapore a final Personal Touch!