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Have you ever wondered if you could send personalized gift accessories along with your flower and gifts or hampers? If at all you had to send, what would you prefer sending? Surely that suits and which will impress your special someone, right?

Here is a wide range of collection that you can add to your flower bouquets, hampers etc. or you may send these accessories as a gift! There is something for everyone at Singapore Florist. Check out some exciting gifts and add-on below:

For Girls / Women:

Buy Gifts in Singapore
Musical Box: This is a great gift that will impress mainly young girls because it allows them to store their small ornaments like ear rings, chains, bracelets etc., and even little makeup kits.

Buy Musical Box Online in Singapore at Singapore Florist and win more love of your special someone.




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Bracelets: Need not mention what will be the level of love for bracelets among girls! Especially when the bracelets are made with special material and have unique appearance, they double love it…

Click on the Bracelet Image to check out more collections of the Bracelets in Singapore.



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Aqua Gift: Now this is something very new, unique and lovely thing that will impress almost anyone… checkout more about aqua gifts here, at the best Singapore florist in Singapore.



Watches, Ear Rings, Body care and Fragrance and many more!!!

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For Babies:

Baby Strollers, Baby Walkers, Baby Carriers etc. are available at Singapore Florist. If you are living out of Singapore, and want to send baby gifts to Singapore, new born gift collection online, here is a best place!

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