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Here are a great collection of Halal Hampers in Singapore exclusively made for this season of Ramadan by Singapore Florist – serving since 1987! All the Hampers are respectfully crafted with the condition of Halal. The juices, drinks and fruit baskets are all made of best in the industry material so you can send this to any of your friends and family.

For your convenience, here is a list of Hampers that are highly sold in Singapore During the Ramadan Season. All are ready to order hampers.

Ramadan Gifts in Singapore

Yet another Halal Items clubbed for this Ramadan is this very very special hamper made of…
1.) Herbal Essence Health Tonic ( Halal & Vegetarian ) 700ml
2.) Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Pink cocktail 750ml
3.) 6 Bottles of Chicken Essence – Halal
4.) 6 Bottles Of Bird’s nest – Halal
5.) Coffee 3 in 1 20g x 10’s, 6.) Salted Peanuts 40g x 2’s
7.) Coco Shell 50g,
8.) String Gummy 130g,
9.) Fish Snack 70g
10.) Munchy Romeo 120g, 11.) Bika cuttlefish Box 40g x 2’s
12.) Shandong Inshell Peanuts, Can 200gm x 20’s
13.) Oat Crunch, Can 90gm x 12’s &
14.) Munchy Nuss 73.5g

Hari Raya Hamper in SingaporeThis Hari Raya Halal Hamper Delivery:
2 Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 750 ml & 6 Boxes Of Chocolates makes this Hamper really special, attractive and most sold product of the Ramadan Season.

The Chocolates and the Drinks as well are purely Halal. Do not hesitate to send this impressive hamper to your loved ones in Singapore

Ramadan Hampers in Singapore1) Sparkling Grape Juice 750ml,
2) Blue Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 750ml,
3) Pink Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 750ml,
4) Mix 3 Snacks 90g (can), 5) Oat Crunch 90gm (can),
6) Nonya Kuih Bangkit 60g, 7) Coconut Candy 120g,
8) Kuih Tart Nenas 102g, 9) Nonya Spring Rolls 120g,
10) Natural Pistachios 120g, 11) Preserved Dried Mango 150g,
12) Amourene Almond Chocolate 100g,
13) 4 flavors Halal Chocolate 4x50g,
14) Danson Tiramisu Milk Chocolate 70g,
15) Crispy Fish 90g,
16) Crunchy Crackers200g,
17) Shandong Groundnuts 180g,
18) Cioccolato Raisins Coated With Chocolate 100g,
19) Pearl Jelly 90g,
20) Strawberry Candy 80g,
21) Cashewnuts 120g
22) Smoked Almonds 120g.

Ain’t they exciting for this Ramadan? What more you want? Well, even if you don’t want more to this hampers, for those people who want to make the hampers more and more exciting, we have our special add-on page where you can add many things to the hampers and become a scientist of your hampers! Happy Ramadan from Singapore Florist.

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