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Merry Christmas | Florist in Singapore

Merry Christmas to all our valued customers, friends and well wishers. We at Singapore Florist wish each one of you with great success, prosperity and may you get all that you rightly deserve. May this new year also bring in new hope, new beginning and leave behind the bad memories of 2020, that the world went through due to the pandemic.

It’s time to celebrate, wish and send your warmth greetings to your friends, family, customers and loved ones. All you have to do is just make an order! right here at Singapore Florist

Getting Ready for Christmas | Hamper Delivery

Christmas is one of the largest celebrated festivals across the globe and so is in Singapore. Most of the people are often confused about what gifts/hampers to send to their loved ones, business customers, family and so on. At Singapore Florist, we categorized Christmas Gifts / Hampers into three categories for you to make best choice. All the combinations are carefully crafted based on our experience and changing customer choices.

X’max Wine Hampers: Wine is a traditional choice for Christmas Basket Delivery in Singapore. Best choice of quality wines are arranged in an attractive box, with a special Christmas decoration. Click here for more Christmas Wine Hampers in Singapore

 Christmas Hampers in Singapore Christmas Hampers Delivery Singapore

Special Christmas Hampers: Who would not want to send a Christmas hamper loaded with flowers, wines, cookies, chocolates, Santa, dry fruits and all those luxurious handpicked products? We bring to you the exclusive Christmas Hampers in Singapore only available at Singapore Florist – gifts with a personal touch.

Christmas Hampers Delivery X'max Hampers Delivery Singapore Christmas Hampers Delivery Singapore

Christmas Flowers: Flowers are a very good choice as they are not only Economical but are always impressive and feel good gift on a Christmas Day. We advice you to select Christmas Flowers of your choice and order in advance as its a busy season.

Christmas Flowers Delivery Christmas Flowers in Singapore Flowers for Christmas

Easter Hampers in Singapore

What are your plans for this Easter Day in Singapore? Most of the individuals who has their families or friends living abroad make early plans for the Easter season. Several Corporate companies also mark this special occasion by sending Easter Day Hampers to their customers in Singapore.

As we do every year, since 1987, Singapore Florist is ready with its special Easter Day Hampers in Singapore. Specially made chocolates, cakes, Towel Cakes along with flower bouquets, hampers consisting of wines and tonics, non-alcoholic drinks are exclusively picked for this season.

Watch this quick video and click on the below images to select your favorite Easter day hampers in Singapore.

Easter Day Wine Hampers in Singapore  Easter Day Chocolate Hampers in Singapore

Easter Day Cakes in Singapore  Easter Day Hamper Delivery Singapore

How Carefully we Make your Hand Bouquets – Singapore Florist

Did you ever wonder how we handpick the fresh flowers while making your special hand bouquets? Well, at Singapore Florist studio, we make the flower bouquets specially for each new order assure our valued customers that very fresh hand picked flowers are used in making the bouquet for your special someone.

We bring to you such a making video for your witness. Check it yourself as to how we make your special roses hand bouquet. Do not forget to mention if you need any additional customization required such as adding extra rose of different color which may be the favorite of your loved ones. We are more than happy to help you make the changes 🙂

In this video, one of our expert florist makes Hot Pick Roses Hand Bouquet in Singapore.

What are you waiting for? Order your fresh flowers today and surprise your loved ones with meaningful greetings using symbolic flowers. Click on how to chose flowers to find out our advises.

Easter Day Hampers | Easter Day Flowers in Singapore

Easter Celebrations are never complete without the Easter eggs hunt, New clothes, Bunnies, and goody baskets. At Singapore Florist, we are all set to deliver you those exciting hampers with which you can multiply the celebrations. Special Easter Day Flowers in Singapore, Easter Day Hampers in Singapore are exclusively available for delivery; you can start ordering now!

Easter is a good time to exchange gifts with loved ones. Even if you are living in any part of the world, Singapore Florist will deliver your lovable hampers to your family, friends or a loved one living in Singapore! Hence, you can surprise your close relations with Easter gifts and share the delight of the season together.

You can send loved ones any of the lovely bouquets alongside your Easter messages in a special ‘Message in a Bottle’. To add some extra fun, we have also designed hampers with bunnies, chocolates and wines. Checkout the below hampers and grab them before they go out of stock.

Easter Day Hampers in Singapore     Easter Day Flowers in Singapore

Click here for full list of ==> Easter Day Flowers and Hampers Delivery in Singapore


Roses – a poem of love | Singapore Florist

Roses are beautiful flowers that have long been a symbol of love. As the red roses exclusively symbolize expression of love, different colors of Roses have different and special meanings; some produce an enchanting fragrance to add to their attraction. (Click here to read Meaning of Flowers) You need not be a poet to write a poem to express your love.. just chose the best flowers and combinations, they speak your heart!

 You may wonder that even black roses are available and they are very special having it’s own meaning. For people interested in giving a gift of flowers, these meanings may be significant. At Singapore Florist – our Flower Delivery in Singapore desk has a flood of orders every day mostly consisting of the roses and its combinations.

Roses have been admired by humans not in recent times, but since ancient times. They were used on king’s carpets and beds and were being ornamental on the queen. Rose fragrances are extracted and are used since ancient Greeks. Rose oils are believed to have culinary and cosmetic uses and may have health benefits as well.

At our Florist Boutique, we have customised Rose Flower Bouquets in Singapore for each occasion, readily available for you to browse and order online. With an ease of “occasions/event menu” of our portal, it is easy for you to choose the suitable expression of roses.

To Buy Rose Flowers in Singapore, all you need to do is to select the occasion and place your order. We deliver your bouquets to your loved ones and convey your heartfelt message!

Write your Feelings – Women’s Day Gifts in Singapore

We know you would have started searching for that perfect gift for the most special woman in your life? Perhaps you’ve run out of gift ideas, especially since women’s day is not your run of the mill celebration, unlike birthdays or anniversaries. No worries, we and Singapore Florist are here to help you find those perfect gifts for the upcoming Women’s Day in Singapore.
Message in Boggle

Check out this Message in a Bottle gift that may be the right choice especially if you have something to convey to your loved ones. Most of the women love perfumes, chocolates, flowers etc., the same time, every women loves “expression” which is most precious of all gifts. This Message in a Bottle gives you such a great chance to express your feelings to the loved ones. Of course, your choice of gift should depend on ‘to whom’ you are offering that gift. At Singapore Florist, we have special Womens Day Gifts for Mothers, Sisters, Teachers, Wife or a friend. Stay tuned to this blog to learn about the various Womens Day Gifts that are best to send on the special Day. However, if you are planning to send some beautiful flowers , Flower Delivery in Singapore is always available with us – on time delivery!

Happy Sankranti | Florist in Singapore

Makara Sankranti is an Indian Festival celebrated in many countries where Indians live. This festival is popular mainly because of flying kites during this season. Sankranti is also a Harvest Festival which fall on the same date in Nepali calendar as well; the 14th January of every year.

On this special occasion, we at Singapore Florist wish all our valued customers, mainly our Indian Customers a very special Happy Sankranti.

Sankranti wishesimg courtest: http://ilovefree.in/

Singapore Florist – Aqua Gifts

This gift idea is for someone who wants to send something exciting to a very special someone. Yes, this is not a regular gift that you generally send to someone. This gift has so many meanings that will undoubtedly impress your loved ones.

It’s the Live Aqua that we are talking about! Yes, have you ever thought of sending a live Aqua gift to someone very special? With a live fish, attached with funny toys like the cats and monkeys?

Here is something like that…

Florist in singapore

This very special Aqua Gift is an exclusive offering by Singapore florist, the best florist in Singapore since 1987. As we say “Gifts with a personal touch” – this is exactly something like that! This expresses your personal feelings – mainly the love and care that you have for the intended receiver of this gift.

The live fish which is so cute, sensitive will always represent you in your absence and when someone looks at the fish, the fish gives a feeling of saying ‘hey I’m your gift by your very loved person’

What else are you waiting for? Order now the exciting Aqua Gift and send it today – Singapore florist

Thank you for Choosing us :)

Dear Valued customers,

Thank you so much for your orders during the Diwali Season!
While many customers have ordered the ready to buy Designs, few customers have also asked to customize the hampers. Thank you so much for asking!

As always, we are updating ourselves with the latest trends, designs etc., to meet specific and special needs of our customers.
Please feel free to contact us any time for Flower delivery in singapore and also international flower delivery.

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