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singapore florist mothers day gift ideasMother’s day is a day for everyone to express appreciation to mothers for their self sacrificing love for their children. Of course, there is no amount of gift that can ever equal for a mother’s love for her child/children. However, that doesn’t mean you shall not gift her something on the mother’s day. Whatever you give her on the Mothers Day is very cute and precious for her. It surely gives her a huge amount of lovely feeling.

So when you are planning to gift your mom on the Mothers Day, don’t forget to browse the impressive collection of Mothers Day gifts in Singapore Florist – gifts with a personal touch. At Singapore Florist, we have arranged a wide range of impressive yet meaningful hampers that are best suitable for almost every mother. All you have to do is just visit the special Mothers Day Gifts on our website and order your favorite gift – delivered on the same day, Free home Delivery*. 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas:

1. Live Plants: Mother is life! How best you can say thanks for giving you this wonderful life? Gifting her live plant symbolizes love, life and care! To justify this meaning, Singapore Florist has crafted this 2 Mini Live Plants Terrarium in Glass Vase, while the glass Vase symbolizes “Care”. Combination of two mini plants and the base stones arranged in the Glass Vase makes this unique Mothers Day Gift very Colorful, Lovable, Real & Beautiful!

2. I love you mom Teddy Bear: Yet another impressive from the creative team at Singapore Florist, “I love you mom Teddy Bear” with a bottle of wine, Champaign, chocolates and flowers symbolizing the celebration, happiness and appreciation/thanks respectively.

3. Roses with lights: Luminous Light at the Special Fibre Tips with 40 artificial Handmade Roses.  Light come from the fiber it-self, battery is not required! This beautiful hand bouquet can be kept in room to enjoy its glow every evening! Trust us; your mom is going to love it!

4. Message in a bottle: You want to say many things to your mom that cannot be expressed with a gift? Here is what you could do! Add your speech to the gift, put it in a beautiful bottle and send it to your mom! A poem about your mom will give her a great feeling ever!

Stay tuned to the Singapore Florist Blog to have more updates on the mother’s day gift ideas!  Happy Mothers Day!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas | Singapore Florist

At Singapore Florist, we are ready with the Unique Gift Ideas for this Valentines day – Valentines day gifts in Singapore – Valentines day flowers and gift ideas!Valentines Day Flowers in Singapore

Bottles being directly imported from Belgium are an assurance to you that the bottles are made of the best material and have a smooth finishing unlike the regular ones. While ‘A Message-in-a-Bottle” is ideal for all occasions such as a wedding proposal, as a wedding invite, birthday gift, or simply just to convey a message to a special someone, it becomes very special when you send this or gift this on a valentine’s Day!

A Message-in-a-Bottle is a fresh way to convey written messages, rather than the usual cards and envelopes from common gift shops. Just imagine how special and impressive would that be if someone receives (even who live at a distant place from you) this personal message written in a bottle, and they read it on your birthday? Isn’t it exciting? Nothing could replace the value of a personal message. We know it because we see the excitement and sky rocketing happiness of your loved ones when our Singapore Florist team delivers this for you at the door step of your loved ones..!

Sand, seashells, ribbons, a neck embellishment and a message scroll completes the Message-in-a-Bottle. You may also add this very special “Message in a Bottle” as an additional gift along with the Valentine ’s Day flowers/hampers.

Note: We will print your message in the message scroll & Place it inside the Bottle.

Best Valentines Day Gifts in Singapore – Singapore Florist since 1987

Wedding anniversary Gift Ideas in Singapore

Singapore Florist Congratulates to you in advance on your wedding day! We are impressed by your love for your life partner and wish you will continue to love her long, and you make a relationship of sharing, caring and enjoying every moment of life together!

wedding day gift ideas

Wedding Day gift Ideas to wife

So, it’s your wedding day and you want to surprise your spouse with a unique, impressive and mind blowing wedding day present. Well, that’s like a very good husband…very good! Here are some those impressive wedding day gift ideas to spouse.

Please note that we are florist and serving in Singapore since 1987 by sending your love and concern in the form of flowers and gifts. However, here, we are giving you some ideas that we may not be serving, but we’ve researched some unique ideas that may be of your interest and very impressive.

Hence, we request you to read the ideas, and share if you like them! Add some flowers to the ideas to have double fun!

Wedding Day gift ideas to wife:

Love album: This is a great gift that your wife could expect from you! The memories of love, the start, the journey and the present moments… don’t forget to leave enough album space for the future and ask her to update it. Trust me; it’s going to be fun and very impressive.

Additional tips: Collect her childhood friend’s testimonials, photographs etc. It is a great gift if you travel often as you will surely have past great pics. This is rightly suitable for your 5th of 10th wedding anniversary gift. Don’t forget to order flowers and drinks to celebrate the moment! We are here, at Singapore Florist

Plan a photo Album something surrounding a wall clock!

This is an impressive gift that will always be on the wall and remind her about you all the “TIME”. And you convey a message saying “you are my thought every moment” etc., So impressive, isn’t it? Yeah I know…

So, why not you find something like this?


For women, Jewelry is the all time favorite and precious. As you may know, your love interest is not an exemption. Isn’t it? Plan for a locket or a couple rings, or a bracelet or a customized siler/platinum hand ring. Anything, it should double her beautiful smile and multiply her natural beauty.

There are many custom jewelry or accessories stores or e-commerce sites out there, which can design your ideas or make them custom on your names. However, you may have to pre-book the orders.

Message in a Bottle:

Nothing in this world can ever replace the personal expression of love to your loved ones. However, its not just saying “I love you” like you do every day. It’s something more than that.

Write to her a letter of love filled with your thoughts, your feelings for her and how great time you are having with her being together. This is going to multiply your love! Be Expressive!

Message in a Bottle is readily available at us, the Singapore Florist for immediate delivery. All you have to do is to order and write your feelings. We print it and deliver to your spouse on the same day of the day of your choice along with the special and custom gifts that you may choose.

Browse the shopping cart now at www.SingaporeFlorist.com.sg to make your day more special.