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Mid Autumn Hampers | Moon Cakes in Singapore

The second largest festival in china, the Mid-autumn festival is in near future and all the Chinese across the globe are preparing for the celebrations. This is also a government holidays in some countries including China, Singapore etc., This year, in 2015 the Moon Cake Festival is celebrated in the 27th September.

Mid Autumn festival is also very famous season not only for the corporate gifting but also for sending the gifts to family and friends. Singapore Florist, noted as one of the best Florists in Singapore serves the entire Singapore with special hampers for the Mid Autumn festival. You may pre book your orders for the specific date of delivery or can also order on the same day, which is also delivered on the same day. However, due to the heavy number of orders during this season, we recommend to pre-book your orders.

Here are some of the best Hampers that are available for the Mid Autumn Festival in Singapore:-

Crispy Durian MoonCakeCrispy Durian MoonCake: This is a very frequently selected Crispy Durian Moon Cake in Singapore mainly due to its simple approach and the great taste. Very famous in its own circle, the Crispy Durian Moon Cakes in Singapore are a good choice especially if you are sending it to someone who loves eating crisp snacks. This hamper comes with four cakes.

moon cakes in singaporeVegetarian Moon Cake: All the cakes and snacks are not only for the non-vegetarians, we also have a special mix of Vegetarian Moon Cakes exclusively served in Singapore at Singapore Florist. Vegetarian Moon cakes have a huge demand among the vegetarians so grab your hamper before it goes out of stock!

Ceylon Tea Pomelo Moon Cake Fresh Flowers ArrangementSpecial Mid Autumn Hamper: This special Mid Autumn hamper is  made of Ceylon Tea, Pomelo, Moon Cake & Fresh Flowers Arrangement:
1) “Summer Tea” is antioxidants Green tea with delightful flavour of wild strawberry. Basilur Premium Ceylon Tea x 125g From Sri Lanka.
2) Basilur Assorted Green Tea 20 (4X5) BagsFrom Sri Lanka.
3) 8 pcs Assorted Mini MoonCake.
4) Pomelo

If you are searching for a moon cake delivery in Singapore, here is the right place for you! Send Mid Autumn hampers in Singapore today!

Moon Cake Delivery today | Fast Moon cake delivery

We know that many of you are busy and have very less time to choose which moon cake or which hampers to send to your friends. Having learned this fact from the past experiences, and honoring your schedules, we at the Singapore Florist are ready with the Moon Cake Delivery  with various Moon Cake Designs, Moon Cake combinations and Moon cake Hampers for this upcoming Moon cake / Mid-Autumn Festival.

moon cake festival gifts moon cakesmoon cake image

So, you may rely on us! You can just browse the special Moon Cake Delivery page and make your choices. You may pre-book the orders or can order on the same day of delivery* (however, we advice you to make at least one day before the eve or early hours of the same day).

Many combinations of the Moon Cakes with Flower bouquets, Add-onn wines, Fruit Baskets etc., are readily available for Moon Cake Delivery today across Singapore.

There is never a next hour to make choices that multiplies the celebrations, love and sharing between the loved ones… choose your moon cake now and we deliver the orders on time.

Moon Cake Delivery in Singapore – Florist

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in the early September… are you ready with the plans of celebrations? well, we are! We have prepared unique moon cake models for you and your family, for your friends and everyone!

Moon Cake Delivery – Mid Autumn Festival gifts & Hampers in Singapore!

Check out our wide collection of festive season gifts and hampers that will surely draw your interest. We also encourage your creativeness in customizing the gifts up to your convenience. However within the reachable limits and doable accessories/additions.

While the Mid Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese Festival, it is celebrated in other parts of the country where the Chinese culture is practiced. Singapore is one such country where this very special festival is celebrated, the festive of lunar worship and moon watching, when moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. Moon cakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals.

So why not you start selecting your Mid Autumn festival Hampers in Singapore ? everything is just a click away from here – @ Singapore Florist