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Ramadan Hampers in Singapore

The holy month of Ramadan Has started and brothers and sisters across the globe are engaged in the spiritual yet noble activity, sawm since few weeks already. At Singapore Florist, we are always committed to serve our customers of different faiths in their respective traditionally rich manner.

For Ramadan Hampers in Singapore, we have made all those custom hampers like we always do. All the Ramadan Hampers are Halal and our expert team hand picks each product. If you are looking for Halal Hampers in Singapore, you can stop your search here and just rely on us!

You may want to know, that we receive international orders for Hari Raya hampers. Our overseas customers who has their loved ones living in Singapore sends our exclusive range of Ramadan Flowers or Hari Raya Hampers in Singapore as an iftar gift. Check out our Video for sample products. Don’t forget to book your hampers before we go out of stock during the peak season, usually last week of the holy month.

Birds of Paradise flowers in Singapore

The Bird of Paradise is a plant that was first found in South Africa where it is often called as a Crane Flower. This Bird of Paradise plants and their very special flowers are widely used across the world for interior decorations, event decoration, flower bouquet arrangements etc. In Singapore, we as one of the oldest Florists in Singapore have observed more than half of our clients insist to add Bird of Paradise flowers to their special bouquets gifts.

Bird of Paradise flowers holds a unique characteristic and appearance. They are most commonly comprised of 3-5 vividly orange petals and 2-3 deep blue petals. The combination of colors and their natural design, the Bird of Paradise flowers gives the appearance of a birds head and beak; thus its named the “Bird” of paradise!

birds of paradise flowers in singapore

All the Florists across nations admire this flower for its unique looks and versatility. We love to use these unique and beautiful flowers in summer wedding arrangements, in multi-bloom tropical bouquets, or as single flower centerpieces.

This could also be added to a wedding anniversary flower bouquet to make the bouquet more special. When given for this occasion, the flower displays a meaning of faithfulness, but it also has several other meanings. Expressing freedom, joy and a clear perspective on life, this flower brings happiness wherever it is displayed.

Why not order the Bird of Paradise flowers in Singapore? Just a click away at Singapore Florist since 1987 – gifts with a personal touch.