Fruit Baskets are one of those gifts that you can send to anyone at any time. May it be your friend, parents, teacher, your Boss etc.  There is no such occasion that fruit baskets are not suitable. Fruit Baskets are such a perfect and healthy gift.

Fruit baskets made at Singapore Florist are luxurious gifts that will impress almost anyone. They are luxurious because they have a rich taste, rich appearance, and of course rich at health! But we need not call them luxurious because, at Singapore Florist they are available at a very reasonable price.

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What are a few occasions that are suitable to consider buying Fruit Baskets?

A Sunday lunch: When you are invited for a Sunday lunch or a festival dinner, surprise your friends and family with the special fruit baskets made by Singapore Florist. Fruit baskets are a best choice for this closed group dinner – believe us, all your loved ones enjoy these fruits!

New Mom’s or expecting babies: The new mom’s and women expecting a baby needs more health conscious – remind them that their child needs a good health, and that happens only when mother maintains a rich and healthy diet. Like the Fresh fruits and fresh veggies. Offer them a fruit basket and witness their happiness for your concern.

For extra happiness and excitement, add some balloons, toys or teddy bears to the fruit basket!

Wish someone a speedy recovery?: If you are going to see someone who needs some health improvement & you want to wish them a speedy recovery – take the special fruit basket along which will symbolize the health and nutrition!

House warming: A combination of fresh fruit basket and flowers will bring the new house owner a great joy and freshness feeling.

A Surprise Visit or celebration: The occasion is a surprise! So the gifts should be. Fruit Baskets are a great surprise gifts for all the occasions. There is not occasion that is not suitable for gifting / sending a fruit basket.

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