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Very popular in the Asian region, especially in India and Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum signifies a life of ease and good luck. Hindus and Buddhists are fond of using this flower mainly as an offering on alters. While any chrysanthemum flowers generally symbolize the happy and good moments, every color has is special meaning:

Yellow chrysanthemums meaning: gently declining amorous advances.

Red chrysanthemums mean: a proposition, invitation to ignite a new relationship

White chrysanthemum: tell the truth, be honest, a request for utter candor

Violet chrysanthemum meaning: a merry wish for wellness

In Eastern meditative and Ayurvedic traditions the chrysanthemum is associated with the heart chakra.  A common practice is to focus on the beauty of the chrysanthemum with a goal to blossom the beauty held within the heart….stimulating the heart chakra. Thus, the chrysanthemum flowers are also a good offering to wish someone a good health.

Rare Chrysanthemums that are annuals: Reminders of the cycles of life, impermanence, and the value of seizing the present now.                             Singapore Florist

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