Much celebrated festival of Indian / Hindu culture; Deepavali is upcoming in the month end of October. Students enjoy the long holiday season before Deepavali (also knows as Diwali). This festival is celebrated with lights and fireworks in India, thus it is also well known as the festival of lights; light for the life, the winning of good over evil. On this special day, friends and family share their happiness by offering sweets, gifts, flowers and special deepavali hampers in Singapore.

Diwali Hampers in Singapore

It is no surprise to know that the businessman in India who celebrate Deepavali sends sweet boxes and hampers to all their customers which they believe is an offering of godess Lakshmi. Deepavali Hampers in Singapore is no less popular. Alone at Singapore Florist, the florist boutique since 1987, we get loads of orders for Deepavali Hampers Delivery in Singapore.

At our flower boutique, we update our lists and hamper every year keeping in mind the importance of this festival and timely delivery. Should you wish to order special Deepavali Hampers in Singapore, it’s just a click away from here. Do not forget to check out the list of add-ons to make your hampers more special and impressive. Happy Diwali!

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