This year, Diwali is on 12th November 2023 and 13th November is a public holiday! In Singapore, Diwali/Deepavali is one of the famous and most celebrated festival, specially amongst Hindus. Sending Sweets and hampers on a Diwali is a tradition and it is believed that the festival is a symbol of victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Illuminating ones home, office or a work place with the traditional ‘Diya’ (a lantern /lantern) is a religious tradition and a very special event for the believers. At Singapore Florist, we deliver special Diwali Hampers in Singapore every year. The Hampers consists of Chocolates, Cookies, Drinks, Nuts etc.,

Diwali, populously called as Deepavali is also celebrated by non-Hindus, specially for its symbolism. References of Diwali is found in many historical texts of other religions other than Hindus. The Portuguese, Persian, English travelers to India since 11th century recorded their observations about the traditional celebrations of Diwali and described how united people celebrate the lighting festival. Such being the significance of Diwali, the Indian sub-continent marks this fest as one of the major festivals and a public holiday.

On a Diwali day, there is also a tradition in some parts of India and Singapore, where families organize a get to gather and perform the traditional Lakshmi Pooja followed by exhibition of various deities. However, in this fast moving generations where people have less time and for several reasons they can’t arrange such get-to-gathers, it is a wise choice to send Diwali Hampers in Singapore, so that you will not miss the tradition and also can send special greetings to your loved ones.

If you are a business person, be informed that sending Hampers to your customers on a Diwali is a tradition and it is believed that such an act brings in good luck to both; the senders and the recipients. What more reasons you want to order Deepavali Hampers in Singapore ? Order Now and avail our special discounted prices and same day delivery*.