Singapore FloristThe second largest festival in china, the Mid-autumn festival is celebrated tomorrow, the 15th September in Singapore. With a heart full wishes to all our valued customers, as always, at Singapore Florist, noted as one of the best Florists in Singapore, we are ready for the Mid-Autum festival hampers delivery in Singapore. All the hampers consists of special and best selected moon cakes.

We know that many of you are busy and have very less time to choose which moon cake or which hampers to send to your friends. Having learned this fact from the past experiences, we at the Singapore Florist are ready with the ready to buy Moon Cake Designs, Moon Cake combinations and Moon cake Hampers for this Moon cake / Mid-Autumn Festival.

All you have to do is to just browse the special Moon Cake Delivery page and make your choices, send it to your friends and family or order one for yourself to share at home. Watch this video for a quick reference to the Moon Cake Festival in Singapore and Moon Cake Hampers in Singapore.