Chinese festivals are loaded with a lot of fun, attraction and meaningful way of celebrations that depicts historical significance. Of all the Chinese Festivals, the Moon Cake Festival is specifically aimed at families and in particular family reunions. Also called the Mid Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which is on 21-September this year, 2021. Moon Cake Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals where Chinese exchange gifts and hampers filled with a variety of moon cakes in Singapore.

In China, the moon symbolizes beauty and elegance – and a trusted friend, more particularly for the young children. There are many bed time stories for the children, that are attached to the moon.  Though observed less often in other parts of the world where Chinese live, children in China carry lanterns to celebrate the sighting of the moon. These lanterns are made in traditional Chinese shapes like rabbits, carp, butterflies, etc.,

In this modern and busy world, we see less opportunities for the family reunions. Sometimes, even on the festival days, we cannot get to see our loved ones. Reasons being that our loved ones live far away from us. If your friends and family members are living in Singapore and you want to send them Moon Cake Hampers in Singapore, here is the best way! We at Singapore Florist specialize in Moon Cake Delivery in Singapore since 1987. The moon Cake hampers are of high quality and are made in traditional designs. Check out a few Moon Cake Hamper Designs here and order your favorite Moon Cakes in Singapore.

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