SKU: HL030

Halal Hamper HL030


Singapore Halal Hampers Delivery :
1) Sparkling Grape Juice 750ml
2) Sparkling Apple Juice 750ml
3) O’tori Nugget 90g
4) O’tori seaweed flavor 90g
5) O’tori chicken spicy flovor 90g
6) Cashew nuts 120g
7) Shandong Groundnuts 120g
8) Bonz Durian dark chocolate 90g
9) Bonz Mango dark chocolate 90g
10) Nonya Kueh Bang kit 60g
11) Coco puff 70g
12) Dried Mango 150g
13) Tiramisu dark chocolate 160g
14) Rainbow peanut Choco 160g
15) Sweetheart chocolate 100g
16) Fruits & Vegetable chip 70g
17) Van Houten Assortment chocolate 150G
18) Original cassava chips 100g
19) Chococlate mini ball 75g
20) Prawn cracker 60g
21) Raspberry & almond butter cookies 70g
22) Raspberry & almond butter cookies 70g
We might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability.

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