SKU: HL030

Halal Hamper HL030


Singapore Halal Hampers Delivery :
1) Sparkling Grape Juice 750ml,
2) Pink Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 750ml,
3) Blue Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cocktail 750ml,
4) Mix 3 Snacks 90g (can),
5) Oat Crunch 90gm (can),
6) Nonya Kuih Bangkit 60g,
7) Coconut Candy 120g,
8) Kuih Tart Nenas 102g,
9) Nonya Spring Rolls 120g,
10) Natural Pistachios 120g,
11) Preserved Dried Mango 150g,
12) Amourene Almond Chocolate 100g,
13) Bonz Durian dark chocolate 200g,
14) Danson Tiramisu Milk Chocolate 70g,
15) Crispy Fish 90g,
16) Crunchy Crackers200g,
17) Shandong Groundnuts 180g,
18) Cioccolato Raisins Coated With Chocolate 100g,
19) Pearl Jelly 90g,
20) Strawberry Candy 80g,
21) Cashewnuts 120g,
22) Smoked Almonds 120g.
We might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability.

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