This gift idea is for someone who wants to send something exciting to a very special someone. Yes, this is not a regular gift that you generally send to someone. This gift has so many meanings that will undoubtedly impress your loved ones.

It’s the Live Aqua that we are talking about! Yes, have you ever thought of sending a live Aqua gift to someone very special? With a live fish, attached with funny toys like the cats and monkeys?

Here is something like that…

Florist in singapore

This very special Aqua Gift is an exclusive offering by Singapore florist, the best florist in Singapore since 1987. As we say “Gifts with a personal touch” – this is exactly something like that! This expresses your personal feelings – mainly the love and care that you have for the intended receiver of this gift.

The live fish which is so cute, sensitive will always represent you in your absence and when someone looks at the fish, the fish gives a feeling of saying ‘hey I’m your gift by your very loved person’

What else are you waiting for? Order now the exciting Aqua Gift and send it today – Singapore florist