As our business caption reads, we deliver “Flowers with a personal touch” since 1987. At Singapore Florist, we understand that sending Sympathy flowers are always a hard reason to send flowers and you want the recipients to feel better when they receive. Sympathy flowers are sent for many reasons such as to people at a loss. Many people prefer sending Sympathy Flowers when the others are in loss of their pet. This would be a way to show that you are thinking of them and showing support for them and their loss.

Not everyone are well versed with what makes a Flower Bouquet a Sympathy Bouquet. Sympathy Flower Bouquets in Singapore are mostly a combination of fresh cut flowers, a combination of Blue, Yellow and White flowers with a little greenery arrangement, or a silk artificial bouquet. Of course, there are traditional flower choices in each culture. They have their own customs and traditions with regard to sympathy  etiquette. For example, in Japan, China and Singapore, white and yellow are used in such sad occasions.

When you are unaware of the family’s religious views, it would be recommended to send a general mixed array of fresh flowers, because flowers bring great ambience and make a person feel special and good, which shall be the perfect gesture in their sad times. Expert Florists at Singapore Florist understand your specific needs and we are able to assist you in choosing a floral arrangement that will be most suited to the situation and culture. You may approach us any time: Contact us here.

Check out a few Sympathy Flower Bouquets that are most preferred in Singapore:

Sympathy Flowers in Singapore

Sympathy Bouquets